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How to Get Inspired to Create Again

How to Get Inspired to Create Again

You know how it goes. You’re excited about something. Super passionate. On a roll. In your zone. THEN, life throws you a brick (or two) straight to the face! Knocks you off your game, out of your zone - and now you're struggling to even see straight. Everything's a blur and you're left wondering - How? Why?  And, WHAT can I do to escape this blah-tastic place?!

Maybe your brick to the face was a failed relationship, family dilemma, financial struggle, health issue, rejection, or simply just a lack of steam. A lot of us go through these experiences that mentally separate us from our passions and dreams. However, we all have the ability to bounce back or bounce better!

The good thing to know is that there’s no expiration date to reinvent yourself and start over. Even if you’ve lost your fire, you can take baby steps to find your confidence again and bring that light back out to shine. 


Here are some things that've helped me to get re-inspired and back into my zone after some of life's recent brick throwing... 

Get Some Friendtors

Truthfully, I’ve always been the loner type, who preferred to have one or two close friends, and that’s it. The introvert in me DESPISES small talk and trying to “entertain” a bunch of people.

However, I’ve learned that I’ve been the most successful and inspired when I stepped out of my crab shell to be open to the right people. Friendtors are simply like-minded friends/peers who help hold you accountable to your vision and goals (and vice versa). They can inspire you spiritually, creatively, professionally, etc.

You don’t have to be besties with your friendtors. And, you definitely don't have to talk to them everyday. Friendtorship can be as simple as sparking up meaningful conversation with a fellow business owner, old college friend, or somebody you admire at church. Then, checking in periodically with progress and updates.

Digital Mentors

If the idea of friendtors is making you cringe and you’re simply not at the point in your journey where you’re ready to talk to other people about your “inspiration problem,” digital mentors may be for you.

Digital mentors are the really cool people on the Internet who put out quality, informative content. For me, my list of digital mentors is super long. Whenever I’m feeling out of it (or even if I’m not), I listen to different podcasts or youtube videos to get my ideas going. Sometimes, you need to get out of your own head and be open to the information that others have to offer. You never know – a simple video could spark something inside of you to give you the energy you need. 

Some of my favorite digital mentors are Elizabeth Gilbert, Oprah, Marie Forleo, Lewis Howes, Myleik, TD Jakes and Joel Osteen. 


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Get you some books and actually read them! Or, wipe the dust off the books you already have and re-read them. Sometimes, books mean different things to you at different points in your life. For example, I get sooo much more from reading The Alchemist now than I did when I was younger. I'm able to connect with more of the messages because I've had more relatable life experiences. 

Some books I recommend to get you back on your game: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. 


It’s no secret that being around positive energy yields positive results. At events, you’re physically putting yourself in an atmosphere that encourages positive growth. You may be learning something new or connecting with like-minded people. And, even if you’re not really a talker, the energy alone can help light your fire.

I leave events feeling inspired, energized and recharged. There’s so much power in being around purpose driven people who are actively pursuing their vision. It helps to take your mind to places you may not have reached if you were in your "same ol" atmosphere.

You can always google different events related to your interests. Or, check out eventbrite and search events in your city.

Go Outside

Most days, I work from so this is KEY for me!! It’s so easy to become uninspired (or SLEEPY) when I’m being hermit crab staring at the same four walls. Cabin fever is REAL, so I take every chance I get to go outside, even if it’s just for a walk around the block.

Again, change of scenery is so important to stay inspired. Fresh air and Vitamin D is revitalizing. Also, you never know what you might see in nature that’ll get your juices flowing.

My outside recommendations: Go for a bike ride, work at your local coffee shops, take a walk, go to a museum, travel, etc.

Commercial break - Here's a quick picture of my babygirl, Hendrix. She brings me so much joy. :) Ok, carry on...

Commercial break - Here's a quick picture of my babygirl, Hendrix. She brings me so much joy. :) Ok, carry on...


Writing is so important, especially when in a rut. As human beings, we tend to overthink WAY TOO MUCH. When in reality, most things, are not that deep! Our thoughts should be propelling us forward, not confusing and crippling us.

Journaling helps to gain clarity because you can actually SEE your thoughts. They’re no longer locked in your mind tormenting you into a confused soul. Also, journaling is a great thing to do for your future self. Because life happens... And, sometimes you slip back into your old ways. It’s very helpful to go back and read the journal entries that gave you clarity in the past.

Look at Your Life

This is an extension of the point above. Sometimes, life takes you so far away from “you.” You may stop doing a thing for so long that you forget what you’re even capable of. When we get stuck in autopilot and routine, we can forget about our true strengths and the things that make us great.

When you're in a rut, do some reflection! Go through your old pictures, journal entries, artwork, songs, etc. It may spark something in you that’s been lying dormant. Sometimes, I look back on old photos of my journey thinking, “Wow, that started as just an idea and I turned it into a reality.” For me, these nostalgic moments help give me a confidence boost and remind me how capable I truly am.

Recognize your patterns and try to reconnect with what may have worked for you before. When were you the happiest? When were you the most excited? When were you the most confident in your work?

Talk to God (or who/whatever you believe in)

When I look back on my life thus far, there’s one common thread that keeps replaying. Whenever I'm actively working on my relationship with God, I'm so much clearer about EVERYTHING in my life. And conversely, whenever I'm the most disconnected, my clarity is lackluster or even nonexistent. 

Now, I’m not trying to preach to you.. I’m just sharing what’s worked for me. If you keep reaching a dead end, try building a relationship with God. It could start with a simple conversation. No pressure! Just express gratitude for what you have now, and also ask for clarity and direction for a more purposeful journey. OR, simply practice stillness and just listen.

Most Importantly...  

Remember that remaining inspired a habit. It’s just like working out. If you stop working out, you’ll get out of shape. If you stop doing things that light your fire, you'll get mentally out of shape and slip right back into your old habits. 

Some of the most successful, excited people I know are lifelong students. So, be a student of great teachers. AND, be a student of your own life! Figure out what inspires you the most and keep doing that! Keep learning, growing and living purposefully.

*Here's to getting back in your zone and creating dope ish!*

The Recap
1 - Get Some Friendtors (peers who inspire you)
2 - Find Digital Mentors (look for great content on the internet)
3 - Actually Read Books (don't let them collect dust)
4 - Go to Events (be around positive energy)
5 - Go Outside (let the fresh air and Vitamin D revitalize you)
6 - Journal (see your thoughts)
7 - Reflection (look at your life)
8 - Talk to God (or do whatever spiritual practice that works for you)


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